Retail & Hospitality Hardwood Flooring Experts

We are commercial hardwood flooring experts. We meet the unique design, volume, and logistical demands of our retail construction, commercial, and hospitality clients. We provide to a worldwide market and meet demanding construction schedules and diverse customs requirements.

We produce millions of square feet of hardwood flooring in a vast number of species, colors, and sizes. Our commercial floors must resist the cruelest of weather and endure the foot traffic of millions of guests and shoppers.

Our retail clients include Victoria’s Secret, PINK, Starbucks, Kate Spade, and many others along with countless hospitality clients. You can entrust us to create the perfect hardwood floors for you.

Product Development

Capturing the perfect aesthetic look
and fabricating the ideal product
construction for the application.

Color Development​

Creating the perfect hue or
matching even the smallest target

Finish Chemistry

Our chemists use the highest quality
& the safest components to formulate
finishes that withstand the harshest

Construction & Wood Species

Selecting the most resilient species and
perfectly constructing each plank for
maximum life and durability.


We develop & execute protocols for
flawless delivery to industries with
unforgiving deadlines.

Maintenance & Repairs

We provide rapid solutions to ensure
customer and guest flow so the life
blood of your business is not

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